Automatic Girth Welder

Automatic Girth Welder


Main Parts


WUXI ABK provides submerged arc welding machine used for vertical cylinder construction. Different from the current market, our MSHW series automatic girth welder is equipped with a stable dual drive system. The self-propelled submerged arc welding system can help reduce the constructions time to 25% of the manual welding. The transverse welding machine is used for welding the inner and outer ring of the vertical cylinder. We offer automatic girth welders with 3 configurations for various types of tanks.

A. Operator Platform

Description Its main frame is composed of transverse welding operation unit and welded steel structure.
Applicable for “bottom up” tank erection
Min. dia.: 5.0m
Shell plate : 1.5m~2.5m

B. Dual Drive Unit
AC double drive design allows this submerged arc welding machine to make a full circle around the tank and weld all the defects and flaws while it’s moving. This dual drive system is more stable and easier to use compared to single drive system, and it’s more efficient in repairing defects.
  • Programmable variable frequency drive
C. Power Source and Wire Feeder
Description The welding system is equipped with LINCOLN NA-3 control and wire feeder, as well as the corresponding wire spool and wire reels. It accommodates coils of submerged arc welding wires below 27.2kg.
Power Source LINCOLN DC600
United States NA-3S control box
United States NA-3 wire feeder

D. Controller
AGW control system is a comprehensive control box that controls the operation of automatic girth welder. It can control flux recovery vacuum pump, 220V socket switch, auxiliary power, etc. The control box consists of the required digital display, knobs, switches, indicator lights and emergency stop buttons, etc.

E. Flux Recovery System
Capacity: 60kg
  • Flux Support System
F. Cable
Welding Cable 120mm² × 60m
Control Cable 10p × 2.5mm² × 60m
Power Cable 3p × 4mm² × 60m
Grounding Cable 120mm² × 5m

G. Cabinet

H. Type of Groove
  • Thickness ≤14mm

No. Components Manufacturer Quantity Remark
1 Main Machine NA-3 wire feeder USA LINCOLN 1set Imported
Wire reel and wire spool
Torch and angle trimmer
Wire straightener
2 Operation Box and Control Panel NA-3 control 1set Imported
Control box for rack travel (control panel included) WUXI ABK 1set China
3 Power Source LINCOLN DC600 USA LINCOLN 1set Imported
4 Travel Carriage AC motor (2 sets) WUXI ABK 1set China
Cross beam
Drive wheel assembly (2 sets)
Aluminum / wind-shielding welding frame
Operator platform
Travel carriage frame and its adjusting mechanism (2 sets)
5 Torch Adjusting Device Adjusting mechanism of torch 1set
6 Automatic Flux Recirculating System Flux support system assembly
Flux support belt tightening device
Flux transport and recovery kit
Flux supply container
Vacuum pump
7 Auxiliary System Control panel of power distribution system WUXI ABK 1set
Explosion-proof lighting lamp
8 Cable assembly Control cable (120mm2 × 60m × 1) High-quality outlet cable for tank welding machine 1set
Control cable (10p × 1.5 mm2 × 60m × 1)
Power cable (3p × 4mm2 × 60m × 1)
Grounding cable (120mm2 × 5m × 1)
9 Power Supply and Cable Storage Box Rack and power supply distribution control cabinet WUXI ABK 1set Rainproof
Welding power source and cable storage cabinet
10 Tools Tool kit and tool sets 1set China

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