Bending Machine

Bending Machine



The plate rolling machine can feed the material once without turning the head to complete the pre-bending and roll forming of sheet. This plate rolling equipment is ideal for rolling circular, arc and conical workpieces.

1. The plate rolling machine is featured by fully hydraulic drive, which is designed with a synchronous hydraulic system to automatically balance the speed between the rollers.
2. The hydraulic motor comes with a brake that allows the roller to stop exactly in the pre-bent state and minimize the remaining straight edge. Brakes can react quickly to ensure accurate positioning of the plate ends and prevent the plates from slipping off the machine.
3. Symmetrical or asymmetric bending can be arranged for this plate rolling equipment by adjusting the position of rollers.
4. This plate rolling machine is equipped with PLC controller and digital display screen, and it can realize synchronization accuracy of ±0.2mm.
5. Equipment working temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C.
6. Fully enclosed protective device to realize safe and reliable operation. Machine tool meets latest national standards.

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