Electrogas Welder

Electrogas Welder



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Electrogas welding machine (EGW) is a highly-efficient automatic welding equipment manufactured to realize closed-loop weld current. It is designed with optional ways of mounting, including permanent magnet adsorption, electro magnet adsorption, vacuum absorption with a vacuum sucker, switch permanent magnet adsorption, making it convenient to assembly and disassembly. This electrogas welding machine is widely used for welding of thick plates in industries like oil, chemical, blast furnace, shipbuilding, etc.

1. The liquid level of the molten pool can be automatically controlled.
2. Wire extension can be automatically adjusted.
3. The travel carriage is small in size, light in weight, as well as flexible and convenient to use.
4. Modular design of this vertical electrogas welder facilitates upgrade of the machine.
5. Welds of this electrogas welding machine are done in single pass, no inter-pass cleaning.
6. Welding plate thickness: 10mm~50mm.

A. Operator Platform

Description The main frame is mainly composed of transverse welding operation unit and welding steel structure
Applicable for “bottom up” tank erection
Min. dia.: 5.0m
Shell plate : 1.5m~2.5m

B. EGW Travel Carriage and Track
Import worm drive with Japanese Sanyo motor
Welding torch adjusting device
Fastening device of copper shoes
Adjusting device of copper shoes
3.2-meter aluminum alloy track

C. EGW Welding Control Box
Description EGW welding control box is designed for EGW heavy-load welding carriage.
It has combined complex automation control system with field operation requirement to satisfy all needs of EGW-3G electrogas welding process.
Functions Remote display of real-time welding current and voltage.
Indicator light of travel carriage.
Remote adjustment of real-time welding current and voltage.
Real-time adjustment of wire extension.
Remote control of cater-cooled wire feeding, and arc striking and extinguishing.
Automatic closed-loop control of carriage travelling.
Spare manual control of carriage walking.

D. Linear Oscillator
Description The linear oscillator of our vertical electrogas welder is used together with the welding control box. It is powered by the welding control box with no additional power supply requiremnt.
It can form an integral operation interface that enjoys stable signal when used together with the control box through air plug. This linear oscillator can also be used separately.
Function Real-time stepless adjustment of oscillation speed, oscillation amplitude and dwell time.
Automatic centering d assembling welding torch.
It facilitates the assembling of welding arc.

E. Power Source and Wire Feeder
Wire feeder

F. Type of Groove
  • Thickness ≤ 24mm
    Thickness > 24mm

No. Components Manufacture Quantity Remark
1 Main Machine Main frame WUXI ABK 1 set
Water tank support
Gas rack
VSAW automatic welding carriage and control box Japan SANYO lifting motor / Sweden ESCAP oscillating motor / linear guiderail, ball screw, includes 3 sets of quick couplers
VSAW oscillation mechanism and control box
VSAW torch adjusting mechanism
VSAW water-cooled torch
VSAW water-cooled welding cable
VSAW copper shoes and adjusting mechanism
VSAW shoes
VSAW 3.0m aluminum alloy track
Wire feeding hose
Circulating water pipe (4 × 50M, quick coupler included)
Water cooling circulation device
2 Welding System LINCOLN DC600 USA LINCOLN 1 set Imported
S22A wire feeder WUXI ABK 1 set
3 Welding and Control Cable Welding cable (120mm² × 60m ×1) 1 set China
Control cable (2.5 mm² × 10p × 60m × 1)
Grounding cable (120mm² × 5m × 1)
Power cable (4mm² × 3p ×60m × 1)
Quick coupler
4 Rack Rack and power supply distribution control cabinet WUXI ABK 1 set Closed
Welding power source and cable storage cabinet
5 Tools Tool kit and tool sets WUXI ABK 1 set China
(VSAW-600 flip type automatic gas welder requires 380V+10%/3PH/50Hz, and it’s used for vertical welding construction.)

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