Laser Welding Robots

Laser Welding Robots


A robot laser welding system consists of a servo-controlled, multi-axis mechanical arm, with a laser cutting head mounted to the face plate of the robot arm.

The cutting head has focusing optics for the laser light and an integral height control mechanism. An assist gas delivery package distributes a gas, such as oxygen or nitrogen, to the welding head. Most systems use a laser generator that delivers the laser light to the robot cutting head through a fiber-optic cable.

A laser welding robot can easily automate this application and manufacturers will see improved repeatability and higher quality welds.

Every laser welding robot system is customized to customer specifications and needs.

Laser Welding Workcells comprise a world-leading fiber laser, a 6-axis robot and process heads in a Class 1 laser safety enclosure controlled by an industrial computer. The ABK Machinery can be optimized for many different types of laser welding of a variety of parts made of carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and alloys. Tailored to the specific needs of a customer, the ABK Machinery can be equipped with options for laser cutting or cladding to maximize utilization of the fiber laser capabilities. With a modular design, the workcells offer a wide choice of laser powers, laser processing heads and motion system options.


Seam welding Butt Welding
Spot welding Lap Welding
Deep penetration welding Welding with or without wire feed

Types of Materials

Carbon and stainless steel
Aluminum and titanium
Highly reflective materials: copper and brass
Welding dissimilar materials


Automotive component manufacturing
Heavy engineering industry
Railway car-building industry
Shipbuilding industry
Aircraft industry
Power industry
Metal fabricators, machine shops

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