Plasma Welding Robots

Plasma Welding Robots


A plasma welding robot can increase quality, while saving time and money by automating a more complex welding process.

Robotic plasma arc welding (PAW), closely related to TIG welding, constricts ionized gas through a copper nozzle. This produces higher temperatures and velocities, creating a smaller cross-section of the weld. Plasma welding commonly uses the same non-consumable tungsten, just like in TIG welding.

Plasma welding robots allow more flexibility with easy adjustments to the velocity and temperatures at which the weld is formed.

Advantages that speak for themselves:

Extremely small design for optimum accessibility
Long service lifetime for wear parts thanks to optimum torch cooling
Small number of wear parts – easy handling
Degree of automation CT: Medium
Degree of automation MT: Low

Typical areas of application:

Automobile construction
Suppliers (Tier 1, Tier 2)
Rail vehicle construction
Bicycle industry
Container construction
Machine and steel construction
Aerospace industry

Chrome-nickel steels
Duplex steels
Nickel basic materials
Mixed compounds
Aluminium materials
Magnesium materials
Copper materials
Special materials
Robot interface:

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