Tank Jacking system

Tank Jacking system




Technical Parameters

Hydraulic lifting equipment(Jacking system)
Hydraulic lifting equipment, storage tank installation equipment. Mainly used for all kinds of flip large storage tank, gas holder, power plant desulfurization tower steel structure lifting installation.The translation of large weights is also generally adopted by this technique.

The power system is a pump station with all kinds of hydraulic valves, which controls the oil device through the action of the electromagnetic valve, and the jack cylinder and the clamping oil cylinder action are made. The control system including the console, start pumping box, inductor and connecting cables, it receives from the sensor information, instructions of the solenoid valve for the corresponding action, so as to control the whole system in the coordination.

Hydraulic lifting device with feed through structure: Jack central hollow, steel wire inserted through the center of the jack. The upper and the lower clamping devices are integrated with the lifting jack, and the main top is connected with the steel wire by the claw plate of the upper and lower clamping devices. The hanging piece is connected with the steel wire through the component clamping device.

Hydraulic lifting equipment is installed in the absorption tower 0 meters on the ground, using the flip method to enhance the installation. To enhance the installation of a section, and the upper part of the welding and then upgrade, in order to enhance the,until the completion of a high degree of installation.
The processing is done on the ground, including coil, rust, welding, butt joint, reinforcement welding, welding and other processing ring, to avoid high-altitude operations, in the construction and operation process, has very high security and improve the efficiency of construction.

The hydraulic lifting equipment is a set of hydraulic, electrical and control technology as a whole new type of lifting equipment, it can carry large heavy pieces of vertical lifting and emplacement in difficult operating conditions, has small volume and light weight, heavy capacity, easy installation, high degree of automation, simple operation, safe and reliable and, etc..
Tank using hydraulic pressure to relax, tighten the top of the way to upgrade.The lifting jack has a dual card insurance, even if a sudden power failure or fracture can ensure the lifting objects will not fall, high safety factor, good synchronization.Tanks along the track to climb up, good stability.Maximum lifting weight is 2 times the amount of the tank, to achieve the safety factor of hydraulic lifting.

Hydraulic lifting principle layout






Working capacity(metric tons)





Testing load(metric tons)





Standard arc distance between jacks(m)

2 to 4

Max plate height for which jacking equipment can be supplied(m)

2.6 or more

Min plate height that can be used(m)


Plate thickness range(mm)

5 and above

Unitary climb(cm/stroke)


Time per stroke(second)

50 to 80

Piston retracting system


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