Welding Manipulator Equipment

Welding Manipulator Equipment


The welding manipulator is an automatic welding equipment and used widely. It can meet many sizes of job for welding through lifting the boom, extending boom, rotating the column and the trolley travel on rails. The boom end can be furnished with SAW head to do welding on tanks by working together with rotators or positioners. As the welding is automatic, it can save time and labor cost. So the machine is widely used in such industries as wind tower, boiler, chemical, shipping yard, automobile, metal structures, etc.

This machine is mainly composed by column part, guide plate part, boom part, lift reducer part, weight balancer, and motorized sliding board, operate platform and manual lock system.

The column, boom, guider block are welded and strength released. The guide rails are made of Mn steel. After welded, the column & boom are heat treatment, and fine machined to assure precision. The upper/bottom & left/right guide wheels are eccentric axis structure, through adjusting them, the gap in the guide rails can be adjusted to compensation the attrition of rails. All shafts, axis include shaft bolts are done thermal refining. Gears and move parts are all harden on surface.

Boom elevation is through motor with break, worm wheel reducer, chain and chain wheel. There are limited switches on top and bottom. Boom extension is driven by motor through worm wheel reducer driven gear & rack. There are limited switches at head and end. The speed is control through inverter, displayed in digit. There is gun adjust unit at the front end of the boom, the gun can move up/down, left/right motorized.

Column and the basement is connected by slew bearing, the column can rotate +/- 180 degree by manual and lock at any position by manual.
There is protective lumen inside the column, which can keep the balancer from locking in it.

The rectangular guides on the column and boom, is 16Mn material, which is high strength. And there are grease charge holes on the wheels which are convenient for maintenance.

There is safe guard on the ladder. And safe covers are provided on transmission parts.

Electrical control system is composed by cabinet, remote panel.

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