H Beam Welding Line

This H beam welding line, also called H beam steel structure production line, is specially used for welding assembled H-type beams, I-type beams, and T-type beams automatically. So our H beam welding line is also called I beam welding line, or T seam welding line.
We have now two kinds of models: double-column beam automatic welding machine and gantry type automatic welding machine.
Our H-beam steel structure line is based on the strip cutting machine, and it has economical and practical CNC functions. It can be used to process both the straight plates and the irregular ones. Besides, the beam of this welding line has been bended, welded, and annealed in order to eliminate its inner stress. So it is stable, rigid, and difficult to deform even after long-time use.
To ensure its stable and reliable performance, this H seam welding line has used many components from internationally famous brands, such as servo motor, reducer, decompression valve, gas pipe, solenoid valve, cutting torches, etc.